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Why Should Expats Lease Cars in Dubai?


Leasing cars in Dubai is a good idea if you are a new expat. We strongly recommend it and there are many reasons for that.  So, if you are an expat in Dubai then you should read it till the end and it will help you to save a good amount of money. So, let's discuss more. 


Less Upfront Cash


If you are a new expat and want to buy a car then you need to pay at least 100,000 AED.  As you are new so you don't have three to six months bank statements and this is the reason, you are not going to get a load from a bank. So, you have to pay a good amount to the car seller. 


Suppose you get a loan from the bank, still, you have to pay 20,000 AED down payment for the car. As an expat, you should have a good amount of cash in Dubai, especially for those who want to establish a business in Dubai. On the other hand, if you lead cars, then you need to pay 2500 to 3000 AED for a decent car which is very less than purchasing a car. 


Uncertain Times


This is also a good option if you lease cars in Dubai. Dubai's workforce is notorious for high turnaround ratio. That means a huge number of expats come and go out of Dubai every few months before they finally settle down. In this condition, it is much more convenient to lease a car for the first year. In Dubai, you can easily terminate a car leasing contract with a maximum 2 to 3 months penalty for contract termination which will save a lot of money. 


Save Money and Time


Every minute is important for an expat, especially in a city like Dubai. This is why you will take an extra task by purchasing a car. A car needs regular maintenance which needs money and time. Here in Dubai, most car services are done every 5,000 kilometres. It means you have to do a servicing trip every month which is not good for a new expat.


Good Option for New Companies Also


Leasing a car is not only good for newcomers, but it's also a very good option for new companies. A new business owner should have any extra worry like-new car purchasing or something like that. By going with leasing a car, the car leasing company will do everything even if they will replace the car if you want. 


Yes, it's a drawback, if you lease cars for 2 to 3 years because the cost is near about equal to purchasing a new car.


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