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Ultimate Tips To Advertise Your Car For Sale In Dubai


Advertising used cars for sale may sound easy, but it is a tedious task if you do not apply the right methods. Little mistakes can make a big difference and it may affect the final price you agree with a buyer as well.


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It could mean the difference between shifting your car in record time or finding in sat on your driveway for longer than you expected. In this article, we will provide you some of the tips for advertising used cars for sale, so that you can sell your car quickly with the minimum of fuss.


Let’s delve deeper into the subject matter.


Prepare the car for sale


First and foremost, you need to prepare your car for sale. Empty packets in the footwell, fowl smelling inside the car and sticky finger marks on the rear window are not a good look.


Potential buyers will always make the decision based on the car that they see in the photographs. As you know that the first impression is the last, you have to work through it the right way. Spend a day washing your car will pay dividends in the long run. Making your car neat and clean will ensure your vehicle reaches respectable levels of presentation.


Where to sell your used car


There was a time when selling a used car had not the various options as it is today. There were options like local newspapers, weekly car magazines, and a few other options as well.


Time has been changed and there are some ideas have been evolved. Here are some of the most popular:




You can sell your car online by advertising your car online on the Dubai classifieds websites. It is the most appropriate option. Consider the car and the audience it is most likely to appeal to. If its a performance car, piston head may be a good option.


Dubai classifieds have the section Used cars for sale, and you can list your car their easily and can get potential buyers within a stipulated time.


Print media


Printed media should not be ruled out while selling online is quick and easy. If you are not in a hurry to sell your car or to achieve the maximum price possible, you can advertise in glossy car magazines.


You can also consider the newspapers, where you can post your advertisement to sell the used cars.


Other options


Other options like traditional auctions, or selling your used car in a car buying company may be conducive for you. There are pros and cons associated with each option, so you have to decide what will be the best option for you. You should bear in mind that, in the majority of the cases, you are likely to achieve far less than the retail value of your car.


Essentials of the ad copy


It is the most essential part where you can embark for a chance to give your beloved motor. Be informative and descriptive, list the positives, pointing out the faults, and last but not the least be honest. It is illegal to wrongly describe your car, so don’t do it.


Here what you should include:


Make and model- Mention the make and model of your car. If it’s a special edition of your car, make this clear in the ad.


Year of registration- This includes letter and number. It is important from a road tax perspective and also for buyers looking for the refreshed models.


Mileage- Honestly state the mileage of the car. Some buyers will be attracted by low-mileage vehicles.


Service history- State clearly how many times your car has undergone service or repairs. A stamped service book complemented by receipts is always preferable.


Contact details- Add your cell number and email address. Prepare yourself to answer any queries. Be polite and courteous with your buyers, when you are talking about your car.


May these tips have helped you to understand how to advertise your car in Dubai. If you well-understand these tips it will take less time to sell your car in Dubai.