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How to Stay Safe When You Are Using A Classified Website?


Classified sites are one of the biggest market places nowadays. It can help you to get anything from a property to a normal sofa set. Besides this, it offers an online platform to sell anything you want but not any illegal item. So, if you can utilize classified websites then you can get limitless profit from it.



But unfortunately, classified sites have a different chapter which is created by some scammers who always try to fraud ordinary users and make money from them. Nowadays, every classified website is taking extra safety process to give users a scam-free experience but as we know every protection layer has a gap and scammers always use that opportunity.



In this article, we will discuss some safety tips which can help you to stay safe when you are using a classified website. So, without any further drama let’s drive into the topic.



Offers Provided By the Advertiser



This is the topmost important point when the topic comes to safety. We always get attracted by good offers and discounts and sometimes it’s true that we get some great deals but when the offer is extremely good, always cross-check it as many times you can. Because sometimes unbelievable offers come with scamming possibilities. I am not saying all offers are a scam, but always make it sure that the offer is authentic before the drive into it.



Never Pay in Advance



Some sellers always ask for an advance payment or full payment before handover the product and they might be authentic but as a smart buyer, never pay in advance. Always use the COD process and check the product before paying the money.



Use the Website’s Chat Service



As a smart user, never share your contact details directly. A good classified site should have a chat system like Bazinga. Always use that chat system and when you are satisfied, then only share your contact details, not before than that.



See the Advertise



A good advertiser or an authentic seller never hide anything about the product from the buyer. So, an authentic ad should have a proper description of the product with original images of the product. If the product images are downloaded from the internet then it’s a matter of thinking. So, always ask from the original images of the product driving into the deal.



Don’t Show Interest on Too Low Priced Products



If a product is priced too low then there are two possibilities like one is the product is not in a good condition and other it’s a fake ad. So, always use your logic and only after that, drive into it.


Hope these tips will help you next time when you will visit a classified website to buy something.