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Checklist of Documents for buying a used car in The UAE


The UAE represents one of the largest used car markets in the world. High-income level and very easy availability of finance are encouraging UAE’s people to upgrade their lifestyle.


However, sometimes the used car market in the UAE is dominated by some unauthorised players and as a common man, it's really difficult for us to understand what we should check before buying a used car in the UAE.


So, in this post, we are going to discuss the documents you should check before purchasing a used car in the UAE. 


Know Your Needs


Well, as a used car buyer, we always face difficulties understanding our needs. But before understanding your needs, you can't select the right car for you.  You should ask yourself why you want to buy a car and what are the requirements. Based on your needs, you need to pick 2-3 choices and now start your own research and select a budget which is possible for you to pay the car owner. 


Registration Certificate for the Car


It is one of the most important documents which provides a car's Vehicle Identification Number or VIN, Registration number, owner’s name, etc. After giving a look at the car's registration certificate, you can easily understand whether there were any changes in the car's engine or chassis.


When the topic comes to purchasing a used car, always ask the present owner about the old ownership or how many owners the car had.


Car Insurance Paper


The law makes it compulsory that every vehicle owner must have one insurance policy. You can transfer the name from the present car owner. After checking the insurance papers you can check from the insurance company about the claiming history of that car. It will give you a clear answer about the accident history of that car. 


Pollution Certificate


Pollution certificates are also an important document to check when you are purchasing a used car. Ask the present owner for a valid pollution certificate 


Age of Warranty 


At this point, if you have the budget then always try to buy a used car which is under warranty. Buying a car under warranty means that you will be able to see the maintenance record of that which will make the whole process more transparent. 


If you’re buying a much older car with no or incomplete records, verify its condition independently. Take it to a shop or to an expert and they will give you the best suggestion about the car’s condition. 


Check the Value of the Car


Used cars value is not as straightforward as new cars. So, before considering the final price always do your own research about the car value. There are a lot of ways to do that. 


You can check a car’s value by visiting different online car value calculator websites which are absolutely free. Also, you can visit some popular free classified websites and check the value of the car. But if you want to satisfy yourself then take the car to a car expert and after doing a complete checkup, he will suggest the exact purchase value of the car.


All the above points are really important when you are planning to purchase a used car and if you are looking for a wide range of used cars for sale in the UAE then Bazinga’s used car for sale section can help you the most. Here all users and listings are verified.