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Checklist, Tips and Guides before Saying “Sell My Car”


What should be the checklist, tips and guides before saying, I want to sell my car? Don’t know? Don’t worry; here we have described the top points which will help you from the examination of sell a car.



Why do you want to Sell Your Car?



Maximum seller even doesn’t think about the question but it’s a very important part. A smart buyer will always ask the same question and if you don’t have a clear answer then the seller may think that you want to hide something from him. So, prepare an answer the say it to the buyer. It will create a clear impression. 



Miles on the Meter



As a seller, you should always keep in mind that a used car’s rating is mainly based on the kilometers it has travelled. For a better price, you should have a good indication on the meter of your car then only you can get a better price than the car already listed for sale in the market. Remember, a higher mileage means the car travelled a lot so the price will be reduced based on it.



Vehicle’s Condition



It’s useless to describe here because we all already know the point but still, I am adding it. Here also, you should have a detail description of the important parts of the car like engine, brakes, car tires, etc. If a smart buyer gets the impression that you are not saying anything about the car parts, then it will create a negative impression on them.



Are You The First Owner?



If you are the first the owner then it's fine but if you are not then it will be difficult for you to answer all the questions especially the old stories about the car so always keep ready the first owner’s contact information. If the buyer asks for it, then don’t hesitate to share it.



Keep The documentations of the service



Service documentation is a good prove about the condition of the car. As a car owner, you should have the maintenance documents you have done during the years. It will prove that you have taken care of your car very well and it will prove the car has gone through an accident or not.



What should be the Price



Before selecting a price of your used car, you should have good research that why you are asking that prices. A high priced car will not sell in the market and a low price will give you less money than the car deserves. So, do good research on it by visiting car listing sites or free classifieds sites.



Tell About Yourself to The Buyer



Yes, a small discussion about you can develop trust so try to do some conversation. Tell something like what you do, why you want to sell your car, what is your next plan. These will build a good relationship within a few minutes.



If you want to sell your car in Dubai, then there are a lot of buyers in but before selecting a buyer, you need to check that they are offering the right price or not. And the most important thing the new owner will take care of your car or not.