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5 Tips for Photographing the Product You Want To Sell On a Classified Website


Selling a used or new product through a classified website is not a new trend. A huge number of people use classifieds site nowadays and they are also getting a good result. A classified site offers a way to showcase your item you want to sell, so images play a very vital role when the topic comes to posting a classifieds.


In this article, we are going to share the top 5 tips for photographing the product you want to sell on a classified website.


Prepare the product and its background


 Before capturing a photograph of a product you need to prepare the product and also need to make it presentable. Clean the product and set up a perfect background of the product to make it a presentable item.


Remember, a simpler background always clears the image so keep it simple and don’t use a bright colour as a background colour. Besides this, a simpler background always makes the image editing easy so try to keep it white. If the product is big as a bed or sofa then you need to capture images from where it is. Make sure the product is clean and looking good.


Use Perfect Light


Make sure that there is enough light around the product you want to sell. You can use a smooth-surfaced table near a window and it will reflect the natural light. If the sunlight is more than your needs then you can simply cover the window by using a white paper and it will reduce the extra light. 


You should remember that, while natural light is great for portraits, it can create unwanted shadows in product photos. You can avoid that by using cardboard on the sides of the products. This will soften the shadows. If you are a photographer then you will use advanced lighting equipment and prefer artificial sources such as a flashlight.


Use Better Equipments


Here equipment means the camera, lights you are using for your photography. You should use a good camera with good quality leans to get a better result. However, if you have a plan to use a smart phone’s camera, just use it because smartphones can also give you an outstanding photograph which you can use.


Other than a decent camera, the right equipment to ensure stability can help you take sharper and clearer photos. This is where investing in a tripod is a good idea. It will reduce the number of takes you will have to do to get that perfect image by improving the focus and preventing blurry images. If getting a tripod is not on your list, for now, you can have a makeshift tripod using a pile of books to rest your smartphone against it. The whole point is to keep your camera and item stable as you click.


Don’t Be Too Artistic


One thing you should keep in mind that this is not a competition so don’t be an artist here. A straight forward clear approach will be acceptable when you are going to sell something so a simple and clear photograph is enough.


Also, taking photos from many different angles is a great idea. It will give a 360-degree view of the photo but there should have some other pictures which are straight and clearly describe the product.  


Give a Final Touch


Here you just need to give a final touch to your image. There are a lot of tools are available you can use them and if you are a professional then definitely you have some great ideas to give a final touch to your photographs.


Taking perfect photos of a product is a skill that you can develop and hone over time. Learning new tricks can make a world of difference. Follow the item photography techniques shared above to get better photos and sell your items on Bazinga faster.